Energy Planning and Sustainability Consulting

Energy Consulting and Verification Services for more than 75,000 units throughout California

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Energy Modeling

The information you need to make key development decisions

Sustainability Consulting

A roadmap to sustainable mixed use, multifamily and commercial development

HERS Testing & Inspections

Test, inspect and verify projects for compliance with Building Code Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) and above code programs such as LEED, Build it Green, CALGreen & others

Tax Incentives & Rebates

We are experts in Low Income Housing Tax Credit Programs (LiHTC) including CTCAC, CDLAC, CUAC and HUD as well as local Utility Incentive Programs, 45L and more

Sustainable building for multifamily & mixed use developments

Helping architects and developers meet California's evolving energy codes one project at a time.  We are here to help your team plan, test, model, verify and pass inspections with out killing your development project's budget.

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We can help you with:

Sustainability Consulting

A comprehensive roadmap to sustainable development that accommodates for your project budget, certifications, and timeline.

Testing, Inspections & Verifications

Be compliant in ASHRAE, BPI Building Analytics, Build It Green, CALGreen, ENERGY STAR, Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA), Title 24, HERS, LEED and PHIUS+.

Energy Modeling & Analysis

Energy audits, load calculations, energy analysis and Title 24 compliance as well as BEopt 3-D and performance modeling.

Rebate Qualification and Management

Decoding of utility allowance calculators and utility bill analysis for California Energy Commission and other localized programs.

Incentive Programs & Tax Rebates

Get the benefits you have earned! We help clients manage and execute California Multifamily New Homes incentive program rebates (CMFNH), 45L Federal Tax Credits, California Utility Allowance Calculator (CUAC), Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LiHTC) programs and more!

Commissioning (Cx)

Commissioning ensures that a new building operates initially as the owner intended and that building staff is prepared to operate and maintain systems and equipment to maximize potential.

Villa Del Comanche

PG&E Multifamily Upgrade Program
Affordable Housing


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Affordable Housing


Villas at Meridian Terrace

Energy & Sustainable Solutions
Energy Planning
PG&E Multifamily Upgrade Program



California's energy codes and regulations can be overwhelming and you have questions. We've got the answers.

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