What Zero Net Energy Really Means for Architects and Design in California

What Zero Net Energy Really Means for Architects and Design in California

Thanks to the Zero Net Energy standards passed by the state of California last year, we are well on our way to becoming a world leader in zero net homes. However, many of us remain skeptical about the feasibility of these objectives. Can the single biggest change in the history of home building and energy efficiency be...

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Best Practices for Sustainable Development Projects in California

Sustainable development projects are a growing trend across the United States and California is a trend setter! Sustainability is critical for environmental needs and has also become an integral approach to separate the best from the rest, or in other words, a differentiator for developers and designers.

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7 Best Practices in High Performance Building Design

Often times, architects who design high performance buildings in California, which are required to comply with stringent energy regulations, fail to integrate performance goals or to make certain decisions relating to energy efficiency strategies during the design phase.

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Can Architects Meet California Title 24 Without Giving Up Good Design?

Title 24 was created to position California as a global leader in energy efficiency, and to reduce state power requirements and greenhouse gas emissions. Some of these regulations have occurred so swiftly, though, that many architects and designers in California are having difficulty keeping up with them.  

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Boosting the Value of Mixed-Use Developments with Proper Energy Planning

Mixed-use development is a wide-ranging concept that has become a great opportunity to leverage multiple practices and drive an increased ROI. For developers, they are also a challenge, given the various regulatory frames, market targets and sustainability needs. How then, can you get the best value from mixed-use?

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Why Failing Energy Inspections Can Be Fatal for Your Bottom Line

Affordable housing developments walk a fine line when it comes to budgeting. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why not passing mandated HERS inspections can cause a project timeline to fall apart and the best methods to circumvent this risk entirely.

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Affordable Housing Developments in California: When to Ask for Help

It would be in our best interest here at E3 California to say that a developer should ask us to join a project during the development phase, but we also understand that without the proper backup, this is just shameless marketing. However, it’s not untrue, not in the slightest.

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The Biggest Mistakes in California’s Affordable Development Projects

Some might say that the biggest mistake that a developer could make when it comes to an affordable housing project would be to take the entirety of the funds allocated for the project and bet them on roulette.  Maybe 50/50 odds aren’t that bad?

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Capitalizing on California’s Tax Benefits for Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Projects

One of the most important aspects to do with the incorporation of energy efficiency into affordable housing development projects is the use of tax benefits. California established tax incentives and programs in 1986 to deal with the growing need for affordable housing, and since then has received added federal funding ...

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